I would love to start a conversation with you possibly being a Face in this project. Please be advised that I have an approval/vetting process for the protection of myself and the Faces in my project. Please shoot me an email and we can start the discussion. Allow a few days for a response as I like to be sure to give everyone a real human reply. If you are looking for help or are feeling suicidal first of all; YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are all survivors, and we all deal with Mental Illness in some way shape or form in our lives. Mental health awareness is a top priority for me, so please use the below resources to find the help you need. I am not equipped to help people in this way but am happy to provide some of my favorite resources in this department. National Suicide Hotline (1-800-273-8255) Crisis Text Line: 741741 Please email me HERE.

For any other info contact facesoffortitude@gmail.com